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Exclusive, one-of-a-kind mugs handmade by Sofia Roe.


Striking stoneware mugs which have SR stamped on the side.


All three mugs are the same size (10cm d x 9.5cm h).


You may purchase the mugs individually (single) for £30 each, or

buy all three mugs for a 'Set of 3' price of £75 (£25 each).



Three coats of Mayco Raspberry Mist.

This glaze is a gloss, semi-opaque glaze that displays shades of dark and light pink. The variation of glaze depends on application. The thicker the application, the more homogenous the color will be.

I also applied Mayco Flux (light and dark) to the mugs as seen in the images. Flux interacts with other glazes to create movement, bringing about hidden colors and visual texture.



Three coats of Mayco Raspberry Mist.


Please note there is a very small amount of warping on the rims of the mugs (as seen in the images). Although this will not affect the function of the mug, this quirk has been reflected in the price.

Raspberry Mist mugs (single, or set of 3)

  • Stoneware

    10 cm Dia. x  9.5 cm H (approx.)

  • Stoneware is fired at very high temperatures making the clay strong enough to be used as dinnerware. It retains heat well and distributes it evenly, and is suitable for oven use.

    Although stoneware is dishwasher safe, hand-washing is always recommended to preserve its original appearance.

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