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Photograph of Sofia Roe

My colourful portfolio has been created from a wide range of materials, and I build a little of my personality into each piece such as splashes of gold to reflect my empathy and warmth; asymmetrical shapes to demonstrate my appreciation for equity, diversity, and inclusion; and fluid pour techniques to raise awareness for positive environmental change.

I was raised in a cosmopolitan family that exposed me to diverse cultures and a strong appreciation for art. I studied GCSE and A Level Art at school; and Foundation Art, and BSc and MSc Clothing (Design, Marketing and Management) at Manchester Metropolitan University. I held a successful commercial career for over 25 years working for some of the largest retail and heritage organisations in the UK. I travelled extensively and was privileged to really engage in those local environments.

As I entered midlife, my career motivations shifted. I studied MSc Psychology at University of York and worked as a psychologist for a private consultancy firm. I began to reflect on my work and personal influences, and realised that becoming an artist would allow me to fully express my experiences and emotions, and bring great joy to myself and others in the process. I signed up to several workshops to reconnect with my creative passions, and have been hooked ever since.

I hope my paintings, ceramics and textiles will stimulate your feelings and thoughts, and bring you the joy they bring to me!

​Sofia x

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