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Exclusive, one-of-a-kind sculpture/vase handmade by Sofia Roe.


Striking creation produced using three coats of Mayco Obsidian crystal glaze on the front side. Pieces of glass frit melt during the firing process and, as the crystals bloom, they produce the dramatic, colourful effect as seen here. The remainder of the piece has been finished in three coats of a dark navy glaze, produced by mixing together blue and black glazes.


The obsidian colour has a strong energy as obsidian is, after all, a natural volcanic glass/rock produced as magma erupts onto the earth's surface. It is a particularly interesting choice of colour for this piece as the colour conveys our connection to the physical and natural world, and the design reminds me of Scottish razor clams (known as "Razors") and their stunning shells.


Please note there are tiny flecks of the crystal glaze which have migrated onto the inside of this piece, and a tiny yellow fleck on the front side which may have migrated during the firing process (as seen in the images). Although I feel these small imperfections actually add more character to the piece, it has been reflected in the price. Beautiful nonetheless…a perfectly imperfect piece!

Obsidian Razors sculpture (25x15x11.5cm)

SKU: C50
  • Earthenware (decorative use only)

    25 x 15 x 11.5 cm

  • Earthenware is not suitable for oven use.

    Wipe clean gently with a soft cloth.

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