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Original painting, signed by Sofia Roe, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Nature's Windows is an expression of my gratitude for the natural world we live in.


I have mainly used primary colours for this abstract painting. This seemed appropriate as our natural world is built from a combination of these colours. I then added fluorescent pops of neon yellow and orange to represent the various characteristics of moderism. I painted the canvas base in a rich gold paint which is only visible from the stripped masking taped sections, and conveys rays of sunlight and warmth. The main 'window' has been spray painted in various shades of blue, pink and yellow representing shades which attract pollinating insects. It has then been finished with a stencilling of fish scales and nets to represent our delicate ecosystems, and a honeycomb design for its splendour, "to build perfect honeycombs is the most wonderful of all known instincts" Charles Darwin.


I only use the best of art materials, and finished this painting with three coats of gloss varnish spray.

Nature's Windows (90x60cm)

SKU: P77
  • Acrylic on canvas frame, XL

    90 x 60 cm (36 x 24")

  • Do not apply any household cleaning products to this painting.

    I recommend very lightly dusting paintings using a soft white cotton cloth.

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