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Exclusive, one-of-a-kind pot handmade by Sofia Roe.


This is a stunning example of abstract ceramics created with the application of one white undercoat; followed by black and yellow solid colour glazes, and Mayco Ink Spots glaze which is an opaque white base glaze with black crystals. Ink Spots contains pieces of glass frit which melt during the firing process and, as the crystals bloom, they produce the dramatic, black ink spots as seen.

Multi-glazed Abstract Melt pot (11x11cm)

SKU: C49
  • Earthenware (decorative use only)

    11 Dia. x 11 H cm (approx.)

    8.5cm at shortest height

  • Earthenware is not suitable for oven use.

    Wipe clean gently with a soft cloth.

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