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Exclusive, one-of-a-kind handmade decorations by Sofia Roe.


Each of these hanging decorations have been produced using earthenware clay and a combination of crystal, gloss, and matte glazes to achieve the unique finishes as seen in the photographs.


These decorations come complete with natural string for hanging purposes.


Sizes as listed below, although you can reduce the lengths of string yourself to any shorter length, as desired: 

  • Fish - Light Blue = 50cm from top knot to base
  • Fish - Dark Blue = 55cm from top knot to base
  • Hearts - White = 50cm from top knot to base
  • Hearts with Fish = 69cm from top knot to base.


Both sides of each piece have been glazed, although the reverse sides (in some instances) may have an uneven surface in parts. This is a normal effect of where the kiln stilts are positoned to prevent the glazed pieces fusing to the kiln shelf.


Outdoor use is not recommended. The photographs taken outdoors were for the benefit and purpose of photographic daylight only.

Hanging Decorations, 4 options

SKU: C79
  • Earthenware


  • Please do not use abrasive cleaning products. 

    It is recommended that you wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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