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Original painting, signed by Sofia Roe, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Glory of the Rapids is an abstract painting which conveys the colourful variety of plants and animals which live alongside areas of shallow, fast-flowing water. The velocity and turbulence of water is slowed by the naturally occuring rocks, boulders and mini damns which are represented as taped blocks of colours in my painting. I have added a stencilling of fish scales to represent our delicate ecosystems, and a honeycomb design for its natural splendour, "to build perfect honeycombs is the most wonderful of all known instincts" Charles Darwin. I often use gold to represent my empathy with the natural world.


In addition to being a thought-provoking piece, it is a truly stunning painting produced using an acrylic paint pouring technique. The different paint colours are poured into each other and dispersed by tilting the painting surface. As can be seen in this painting, cells have formed by mixing the acrylic paint with a pouring medium, silicone oil and water. The number of cells that appear and the size of the cells are largely determined by the difference in the densities of the colors. Once dried, I sealed the painting with three layers of gloss varnish spray.


Although this method of painting is fairly technical and a little messy, the results speak for themselves! I only use the best of art materials such as This Little Piggy (TLP) pigments, and DecoArt, Pebeo and Arteza paints; Liquitex and Floetrol pouring mediums; and Liquitex and Pebeo silicone oil.

Glory of the Rapids (60x60cm)

SKU: P74
  • Acrylic on canvas frame, L, square

    60 x 60 cm (24 x 24")

  • Do not apply any household cleaning products to this painting.
    I recommend very lightly dusting paintings using a soft white cotton cloth.

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