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Exclusive, one-of-a-kind, quality quilt handmade by Sofia Roe.


This quilt was made for a pet dog and was intentionally coloured matched to the dog's collar and hair colours. 


All of my handmade quilts have a SOFIA ROE brand label sewn onto them.


As my quilts are handmade, some of the contrasting stitching may appear a little uneven in places. This common problem is mainly due to the fact that some fabrics tend to stretch and pull more than others, particularly during triple layered sewing. Nonetheless, all of my quilts are made to the highest standards, using only the best quality materials and traditional methods.

Blue, orange and grey quilt (80x56cm)

SKU: T25
  • 100% Cotton

    80 x 56 cm

  • Detergent

    I prefer to use a gentle detergent that is fragrance-free, along with dye-trapping sheets (colour catchers). The dye-trapping sheets are especially important when washing mixed colour combinations, so please don’t forget to use them.


    Washing Machine

    Load your quilt into the washing machine, then add the dye-trapping sheets (if the colour combinations are extreme, such as red and white, use more sheets).
    Add the detergent to your machine, taking care to use the appropriate amount of detergent, then set your washing machine on a gentle/delicates cycle using cool water.
    After washing, the quilt crinkle is perfectly normal. The crinkle occurs because the fabric shrinks slightly when washed and dried. You can try to iron out the crinkles on a low heat setting, but I prefer the cosy crinkles.



    I often air dry my quilts, but they can be very heavy after they come out of the washing machine and require a large flat surface for air drying. Instead, it is often easier to dry quilts in a household dryer on a low heat cycle.


    Now your quilt is crinkly and clean, and ready to snuggle!

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